Russia Announces Contest to Crack Tor

The Russian interior ministry has made an offer of $110,000 to Russians who can crack the anonymity of Tor users (the anonymity network). The purpoted aim is to “ensure the country’s defence and security”. Tor was originally set up by the US Naval Research Laboratory and the US Department of Defense remains one of its biggest backers. LINK


Russians to replace Intel, AMD chips with their own

Russian Industry and Trade Ministry is taking the ultimate step to protect the internal information by replacing Intel and AMD made micro processors with the ones designed and made in Russia. Following the rumors of National Security Agency working closely with Intel and AMD, Russians are getting skeptical about the privacy of their information. T-Platforms is heading project dubbed Baikal to design and develop a customer microprocessor built around the ARM Cortex A57 processor design. Government is funding the Baikal project worth dozens of millions of dollars.  LINK