InMobi to Shutdown its App Distribution Platform

“App Publish”, InMobi’s Android app distribution platform launched in 2013 will be shutting down on 4th of this month. The platform enabled developers to publish apps across 130 Android app stores. With the termination of services, all apps published via the platform will be unpublished from the app stores. They are trying for a solution to this. LINK


One In Five Mobile Apps Used Only Once: Study

In some depressing news for developers out there, analytics firm Localyitcs have in their new report stated that one in five mobile applications that are installed on a device are used only once and never opened again. The most likely apps that would be opened only once include sports apps and some games. The apps that are likely to be used more than once include weather and social networking apps. The report might actually be good news for most developers who know their stats because these numbers are actually better than what was measured four years ago.