BBM For Windows Phone Now Available

BBM for Windows Phone is now live at the Windows Phone Store. Supports devices running on Windows Phone 8 and up. A closed beta has been running for a few weeks now. LINK


Microsoft demos real-time translation tool for Skype

Microsoft demonstrated its real-time translation services providing tool for Skype at the on-going Code Conference. The Translation tool aims at enabling automatic interpretations and translation for two users speaking different languages with each other. Microsoft has used the Translator along with Skype Voice and IM technologies to work collectively with the speech recognition program. Once the program interprets the spoken words, it speaks up to the recipient using speech synthesizer, in real-time. Merely a rough draft of something really futuristic aims to let people speaking different languages easily connect with each other over Audio-visuals enabled Skype platform. LINK

Line hits two new highs – 400 million registered users, 10 billion messages sent per day

Instant messaging app Line has announced that it now has 400 million registered users. Claims that it has 10 million users in 10 countries. In 2014, it reached new high when it sent out 10B messages in a single day, 1.8 billion stickers in a single day, and 12M online calls  in one day. It’s worth noting that Line managed to pull in $338 million in the year 2013. Link

Line has announced it’s added another 100 million people to its registered user count in just four months, pushing it past the 300 million user mark globally. It’s worth underlining that these are registered users, not monthly active users. Its app is in use in 230 countries globally. Link