InMobi to Shutdown its App Distribution Platform

“App Publish”, InMobi’s Android app distribution platform launched in 2013 will be shutting down on 4th of this month. The platform enabled developers to publish apps across 130 Android app stores. With the termination of services, all apps published via the platform will be unpublished from the app stores. They are trying for a solution to this. LINK


InMobi Debuts Native Ads Platform

InMobi has launched a native ads platform which allows app developers and mobile publishers to create and and serve native ads to their users. Will offer in-context mobile ad units like in-stream ads, icons and news feeds to publishers. Platform auto-stitches the ads on the fly using the creative assets like logo, tagline, call-to-action & others provided by the advertisers and allow them customize minute details in these ad units, so that it matches the app’s look and feel including visual representation, interaction elements (like swipe or flip) and social sharing options. Link

InMobi introduces a new ad format called InMobi SmartAds. Enables advertisers to include dynamic feeds like live stock prices, RSS news feeds, sport scores or movie show times within their creatives and trigger these ads based on the user’s location, weather conditions, custom feeds and other user behavior. MediaNama