Stuff launched at Facebook’s F8

Facebook launched quite a few things at its F8 conference. Couple of interesting ones are:

  • Audience Network. A mobile ad network that lets advertisers use Facebook’s personal data to target both standard banners and custom native ad units on third-party publisher apps. Facebook earns a cut of what advertisers pay, and pays the rest to the developers so they have a way to monetize their ads.
  • Autofill With Facebook. Autofill lets customers auto populate their credit cards, billing and shipping info in third-party e-commerce checkout processes using the data they have on file with Facebook to make purchases quicker.
  • Anonymous Login. Anonymous login lets Facebook users sign up and demo third-party apps without having to create another username and password or give up their personal data until they’re sure they like the app. It’s not totally anonymous, though, as Facebook can still track the user’s app activity. Developers have 8 months to restructure their apps.
  • FB has stopped allowing developers to pull data from users’ friends, such as their photos, birthdays, status updates, and checkins. More here

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